Top Weirdest Apartments You Can Ever Come Across

This world is full of wonders and fascinations. Humans keep taking inspiration from nature and keep coming up with the weirdest things ever. And in this competition, construction workers are not far behind. These construction workers along with the world’s most creative architects and designers have come up with the strangest, bizarre and weirdest apartments for rent that people have ever seen. Some of these apartments have the most abnormal designs. Some of the rental apartments are remarkably puzzling, and some of them are illusions. Here are some of the weirdest apartments that will leave their viewers in awe. Take a look below and admire the human intelligence and creativity.

First are the ping-pong apartments. Yes, ping pong balls. Will we ever run out of weird construction materials for our apartments? In Brooklyn, a guy thought of a long-drawn-out idea about making a whole apartment out of, none other than, ping pong balls. The apartment which has an area of about 10 square yards is not so big. However, its builder Daniel Arsham thought of an amazing idea. He messed up with the construction of his apartment by building one for him from almost 25,000 ping pong balls. This apartment has, however, only two rooms, a bedroom, and a dressing room. But this remarkable building is a wonder of its own.

Next come the cube houses. This weird looking apartment was made in 1984. It is located in Rotterdam. Known as the “Cube Houses,” this apartment has a weird construction that makes it one of a kind. This building was made to create the view of a forest. The apartment has a hexagonal arrangement and is slanted. The residential part is in the cubes. They are then divided into three parts. The triangle fashioned lower part has the residential section. The central area has the bedrooms and washrooms. The highest area of the cubes is of a triangular form. It is used as a spare living room. The windows and doors are built quite unusual. This apartment offers great views.

Last on our list is the paper apartment. More amazement, more freakish surreal! Here is presented an apartment which has a main constructive element which might not be the strongest. It is paper, the delicate, fragile and eggshell-like paper. This one of a kind exquisite erection was made by artist Don Lucho. He constructed the whole building with paper. And by the whole, it is meant that the bed and bathroom are also made from it. Even the cutlery is also made from paper. This idea is uncommonly deviant but his creativity, no doubt, is very impressive. It is a complete apartment, and Mr.Lucho has served the purpose of making one of the weirdest apartments are known to man. If you get inside of this apartment, you might feel that you are in an art sketch of an artist. Not to forget that this building is an art and its observers, by just viewing it, become part of this art.

Such weird apartments are an advertisement for themselves and one doesn’t need those unique marketing ideas for apartments to make them known to the world.

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